Meditec Training, Without Prejudice.

Terms And Conditions


1 - The terms “We / Us / Our / Meditec Training” refers to Meditec Training LTD, 31 Hudson Way, Abbey Meads, Swindon, Wiltshire SN25 4WJ. References to “You / Your / Delegate/ Candidate” shall be construed as referring to the individual, company, or organisation, whether charitable, not for profit or commercial that is making and is liable for a particular booking.

Fees And Bookings

All bookings are provisional until such time as written confirmation, whether by formal booking form or via e-mail is received together with any deposit as may be required by us. Upon acceptance of a booking a legally binding contract is formed between “you”, the customer and Meditec Training LTD. Either full payment or a deposit equal to 50% of the entire course fee is payable upon written confirmation of booking. Any payments received by Meditec Training LTD arising from your cancellation of a course are only refundable in line with the following schedule;

Cancellations 4 Weeks Prior To Course Or More: Full refund of course fee.

Cancellation 2 To 4 Weeks Prior To Course: 25% of course fee shall be returned.

Cancellation Less Than 2 Weeks Prior To Course Or Less: No refund shall be returned.

Any other arrangements in relation to the return of deposits shall be solely at our discretion. In the event of your cancellation we will where possible, at our sole discretion attempt to provide a place on the same course on an alternative date. All outstanding monies must be paid and cleared in full within 28 days of the original dated confirmation correspondence. Balances that are not settled within 28 days may lead to cancellation of the course with no refund of the initial deposit.

3 - Certificates will not be issued until payment has been received in full for a particular course. For the avoidance of doubt where a booking is received in respect of more than one individual the certificates in respect of all individuals attending under that booking will not be issued until the appropriate fee in respect of each and every delegate has been received and cleared.

4 - Lost or duplicate certificates will be produced upon request at our discretion upon receipt of an administration fee of £3.00 per certificate.

5 - All invoices are payable within 28 days of the date of invoice. We reserve the right to charge a late payment fee of £5 per day for each day or part thereof beyond our standard payment terms for which an invoice remains outstanding. In respect of all invoices outstanding after 30 days we further reserve the right to charge interest on the full amount outstanding at a rate equal to the Bank of England Base rate prevailing at that time plus 3%. Such interest shall be accrued on a daily basis.

6 - Any costs incurred by us in respect of funds not clearing shall be directly chargeable to you and in default of payment of such shall also attract late invoice fees and interest as outlined above.

7 - Should you wish to substitute a named delegate for another or to request a transfer to another course on a different date such requests shall be subject to availability. All transfers must be taken within 6 months of the original course date.

8 - Should a delegate fail to attend a course without prior written confirmation of their non attendance the full course fee will remain payable.

9 - Should a delegate arrive late for a course or is absent from any session, we reserve the right to refuse to accept you for training if we feel that you will gain insufficient knowledge or skill in time remaining on the course. In all such cases, the full course fee remains payable.

10 - In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel a course you will be invited to attend on an alternative course date or receive a full refund.


11 - We cannot accept any liability whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to personal property or personal injury whilst you are on a course other than that directly caused by the negligence of us, our suppliers, agents or employees.

12 - It is implicit within the terms of our contract that where any course is held upon your premises that you have in place appropriate public liability insurance policies and in any event that you indemnify us, our suppliers, agents or employees against all such claims for loss or damage to personal property or personal injury arising whilst present at your premises.

Your Responsibilities

13 - The nature of First Aid Training is that it is a practical subject. All delegates are normally expected to be physically fit enough to kneel, twist and bend over simulated causalities, to sit on the floor, perform simulated CPR, roll, help roll and help lift simulated casualties. If you are any doubt as to your ability to carry out these tasks then it is your responsibility to seek appropriate medical advice prior to your attendance on the course. We reserve the right to exclude any participant who is or appears to be physically incapable of completing the course safely. In the event of such exclusion the course fee shall be payable in full.

14 - It is your responsibility to bring to the attention of the course provider prior to your attendance any medical conditions that may affect your ability to complete the course. We will make all reasonable attempts to adjust the course content to account for any such limitations wherever possible. We will not exclude anybody from our training but reserve the right to ensure all reasonable adjustments are in place to meet our statutory obligations. If you do not disclose relevant information about yourself or your group at the time of booking we reserve the right to cancel a course.

15 - You and or your group members are expected to behave in a safe and reasonable manner. If our trainers consider that this is not the case we retain the right to exclude any individual from the course at no refund. Where damage is caused to any of our teaching aids and equipment we reserve the right to charge you in full for the replacement cost of that item at the time that the damage is incurred.


17 - All course material and website detail is copyright to Meditec Training LTD and may not be reproduced in way or for any purpose without our written authority. We reserve the right to take appropriate legal action in respect of any breach of this term.